At Keystone Air Service, we put your needs first. Our charter services are built to service a diverse set of uses in a wide variety of environments. Not sure if charter flights are worthwhile for your business? There are plenty of benefits, tangible and intangible, that make our affordable charter services well worth it.


Charters can accommodate cargo or passengers with out-of-the-norm needs. Hazardous cargo, large groups, executive transport and hunting trips are business-as-usual for us.

Location, location, location

We have private facilities in St. Andrews, MB and an affiliated FBO in Winnipeg. We can even meet at an airstrip of your choice and fly you to your destination from there.


We can go where large commercial airlines can't (or won't) including small cities, remote communities or work sites. Our aircraft can land at most standard and unimproved airstrips across Canada, the United States, the Arctic and even Greenland.

No more schedules

Pick your own times for departure and arrival. Arrive 15 minutes before departure.

Extraordinarily fast dispatch

The time between reservation confirmed and wheels up can be as little as one hour.

Prompt top-tier service

Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and book reservations.

Privacy and security

Except for customs officials when crossing international borders, no one outside the company see your name on our passenger manifest.

Better food

Yes, better food. We can cater most flights with meals you won't find on any other airline.

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